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Professional painting

In the PaintForge Wargames and Board Games Gallery, your favorite figures come to life in professional quality at a cost that players can afford. Enjoy the best games with professionally hand-painted miniatures without sacrificing their great level of detail.

Estudio de pintura profesional de Fran López Payá

Our focus in this section is to give you the opportunity to stand out in your games with hand-painted miniatures by a true professional such as the famous miniature painter and teacher Fran López Payá. Therefore, in this section, you will find a wide selection of miniatures from games such as Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, BloodBowl, Star Wars Shatterpoint, Dungeon & Dragons among many others, all miniatures have been hand painted with the highest level of detail, without neglecting the player’s preferences.

At PaintForge we strive to maintain the fidelity of the game, while adding a unique touch of art, so we work to order, which means you can customize every detail of your miniatures, from the appearance of the characters to the colors of their armies.

Make your miniatures feel unique and ready for the battlefield, staying competitive without sacrificing artistic quality. Discover the perfect combination of art and play!

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