Professional miniature painting service on request

Custom painting miniature service

At PaintForge, we are proud to offer a professional-level commissioned miniature painting service that transcends the limits of imagination and creativity.

We understand the importance of miniature finishing in the world of wargaming, such as Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, where each figure represents a soldier, hero or creature in your army, and deserves to be a masterpiece in itself. Whether you’re looking for custom pieces for your collection, stunning dioramas, or extraordinary gifts, at PaintForge we turn your concepts into reality with an unmatched level of detail and quality.

Our custom miniature painting service offered by professional miniature painter Fran López Payá, is designed to take your battles to a whole new level by giving your figures professional quality and an impressive level of detail.

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Why choose our custom miniature painting service for wargames?

Stand out on the battlefield with unique miniatures

Professional painting quality available to everyone

We know that in wargaming, every miniature counts, and we’ll make sure each of your units stands out with precise and meticulous painting

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Strategic customization for your army

Each miniature in your army has an important role, so we work with you to make sure it reflects the essence of your army and your strategy

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Openness and dedication to painting

We maintain transparency in each project. Offering a realistic time estimate and customer feedback are core values for PaintForge

An epic army

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Customization and budget adapted depending on the type of finish

Wargames and collecting

Each figure represents a world of stories and adventures, whether on the battlefield of a strategic game or on the shelf of your display case. At PaintForge, we are dedicated to turning your visions into reality. We customize each miniature with an astonishing level of detail and quality that exceeds all expectations.

Whether you need an impeccable army for your next battle in the world of wargaming and skirmishes or want to add a unique piece to your collection, we are here to make it happen.


Painting executed by the renowned miniature painter Fran López Payá


Variable waiting time depending on the miniature and the desired finish


Repainting service based on the current state of the figure or miniature


Customization based on color schemes, bases or 3D printed bits


3D printing service for figures, statues and miniatures

3D Printing Service

Exhibition miniatures

At PaintForge, our custom display miniatures are true masterpieces worthy of mention in contests or competitions, backed by several national awards.

Each figure, unique and meticulously detailed, is designed to stand out in the most exclusive collections.

Escena Sommos Jow Ogre de Cobra Mode (@cobramode) - pintura Fran López Payá (PaintForge)

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