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Small creations with a great visual impact

Professional painting

At the PaintForge Art Gallery, visitors can immerse themselves in a fascinating world where statues, miniatures, figures and busts come to life and are transformed into authentic works of art.

Estudio de pintura profesional de Fran López Payá

In this section, you can see a wide selection of exquisite pieces of professional painting that cover a variety of styles and themes, whether from the most classic wargames, such as Warhammer or Warhammer 40k, or typical dungeon crawling games such as Dungeon&Dragons, to the culture of cinema, manga or video games, although always capturing and representing the maximum essence and character of each character or scene represented.

All the works exhibited in this gallery, whether original pieces or 3D prints, have been painted to the highest level of detail by the renowned professional painter Francisco López Payá, winner of multiple competitions at a professional level in Spain and with great international presence, where Each brushstroke of his works reflects his extensive experience and mastery, capturing the highest level of detail in each creation and composition.

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