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PaintForge is an initiative that arises from the alliance between professionals from different sectors willing to offer a complete range of services linked to the hobby of modeling based on cinema and video games, ranging from 3D printing in high quality resin, to professional painting that transforms the miniatures or figures printed into true works of art hand-painted with a high level of detail.

With more than 15 years of experience in modeling projects at a professional level in competitions, our team of experts works collaboratively to offer you outstanding results adapted to each project and need.

Contact us and discover how we can help you create unique and unmatched pieces with the perfect combination of technology and art!


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A powerful alliance

Fran López Payá (modelo AI)
Trofeos Reina

Fran López Payá is a renowned businessman in the world of trophies under the Trofeos Reina brand in Jaén, but it is in the darkness of his studio where he displays his talent as a renowned professional miniature painter, winner of several national awards at the Master level, creator of content in the world of modeling and tutor of different online academies, live demonstrations, as well as in face-to-face or private courses.

At PaintForge he is the party in charge of the professional painting service and in-person and online training.

Ramón J. Suárez (modelo AI)
Trofeos Reina

Ramón J. Suárez is a developer and maker with a solid career of more than 8 years in the information technology and 3D printing sector. After his time as a developer at different universities, he became fascinated by 3D printing and from that moment on it became part of his life. By forging his own technology company and meeting Fran during one of his courses, he decided to offer 3D resin printing services at a professional level.

At PaintForge he is the party in charge of the 3D printing service, as well as web management.

Professional quality miniatures

Our mission

How many times have you ordered a collector’s edition of a video game and received a figure whose painting and sculpting is so mediocre that it is embarrassing to display it? How many times have you seen a scene from a movie and dreamed of having in your possession a diorama of The same one that will take anyone’s hiccups away? Have you ever bought a figure that looked great in photography and when you received it, its paint literally fell apart?

At PaintForge we would love to help you fulfill your dream or unique decoration project for your room or business, maintaining unbeatable quality standards for collecting lovers.
Draak'll de @heramodels_minis pintado por Fran López Payá (PaintForge)

We like to be totally transparent with our clients, so next to each project you will find a description that in many cases will indicate the lore associated with the sculpture, the approximate time invested and the source of the requested model to help promote the sculptor or company that behind the design. Note that some of the projects shown in the gallery are private, so as they do not have licenses from the associated brands, they cannot be put up for sale.

For us, each piece is unique, so the units are limited, so if you like something don’t miss it.

Highlighted events

Face-to-face wargame Course

Level: basic – intermediate

Location: Juegos la Comarca (Jaén)

October and November 2023

Face-to-face illustration course

Level: advanced

Location: Juegos la Comarca (Jaén)

October and November 2023


Are you a designer and do you have a model in your possession that you think may interest us and do you want to make yourself known in this sector? Contact us and we will evaluate your proposal.

If your design is good enough and has potential to be exploited at the level of professional collecting, it will be taken into account and we will be happy to meet to negotiate the conditions of collaboration.